PURE NAILS: A natural nails studio. No toxins.

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About Us

At Pure Nails in Austin, we are an environmentally conscious nail studio offering spa-quality nail treatments coupled with a hospital-grade attention to hygiene and sanitization. We want our guests to feel as if they are relaxing in our own living room, the smells . . . the décor . . . the music, all the comfort you would expect, while not having to worry about that awful chemical smell or any hygiene issues when you enter the Studio. Pure Nails is the perfect spot for your weekly indulgence. 

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The Environment + Your Safety = Our Priority

We created a total experience for you ... by committing to doing a Nail Spa differently, while not surrendering your expectations for great Mani/Pedi. Pure & Natural only uses products for anyone conscientious about what chemicals they are putting onto their nails, skin and body. Our polishes are all formaldehyde free, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your body, which is especially beneficial for the Moms-to-be.

We think that our eco-chic attitude will give you a reason to keep coming back.

Products & Services

Pure Nails adheres to the highest standards in sterilization and cleanliness. All metal appliances are sterilized after each treatment in hospital grade Autoclave units and then individually sealed for the next client. While most spa-related infections are passed through the foot tubs of spa chairs with hard to clean jets, and standing water basins, we have custom designed pedicure chairs that use only fresh running water, with an immediate floor drain (similar to a bath tub) to quickly dispose of any foot-used, lukewarm water. We believe in perfect Color AND perfect Cleanliness

Tired of your manicure being ruined before you even leave the salon? How about having to wear flip-flops to your pedicures in cold weather? Not any more! Shellac nail services for manicures, and pedicures available at Pure Nails on South Lamar! 

Shellac is a natural nail service that offers 2 full weeks of shiny, chip free, smudge-proof nails! Shellac is a unique gel-polish hybrid that cures with a UV light, instead of drying! Our CND trained nail technicians will ensure that your Shellac service meets your satisfaction.